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Thank you, and welcome to our #Premier Driver Education Services behind the wheel info page! We offer in car one on one driving lessons with our state certified driving instructor. All vehicles are equipped with commercial insurance coverage, and dual break / dual mirror for safety precautions. 


Lessons can be scheduled Monday-Sunday pending availability. All students must show proof of valid Georgia permit prior to scheduling lessons.


Follow our 4-step process below: 

Step 1: Obtain GA Permit and have a strong desire to drive!

Step 2: Determine the number of hours you are interested in receiving. We offer various packages beginning anywhere from 2-10 hours’ worth of instruction. A minimum of 2 hours must be scheduled.






Step 3: Call our office at 912-484-6344 to book your lessons and pay your $40.00 deposit to lock in your scheduled time. We are only offering pay as you go options for our driving lessons. Once scheduled you will pay your deposit of 40.00 and will be billed the remainder. Your remainder payment is due 24-48 hours prior to the beginning of your session. 

Step 4: Arrive on time for your driving lessons, we offer a 10-minute grace period for your convenience. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will be asked to reschedule and will need to resubmit $40.00 payment. 


For example, you schedule 6 hours of lessons: you pay 40.00 deposit, and then $120.00 on day 1 and $120.00 on day 2, and remainder balance on day 3. 


Course fees are nonrefundable in whole or part, for any student’s failure to complete any course or program.  Fees are also subject to increase; however, price information will be disclosed at booking time. 


Road Test Rental: $200.00

At your convenience we offer our current customers the ability to rent the vehicle for the road test. During the test, you will have access to the vehicle at your registered time and have an instructor present with you at the time of testing. We also offer pick up and drop off services for the road test if student lives within a 15-mile radius from our location. 











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